Barcelona WiFi

Did you know that you can access a free data network service while you’re here in Barcelona? The Barcelona City Council installed 448 wifi access points, or hotspots, providing you with the free service of connecting to the Internet. It’s the biggest, free public wifi network in Spain!


You can find hotspots in civic centers, cultural centers, museums, and sports centers – just to name a few. Look for the blue Barcelona WiFi sticker with the white “W”. After accepting the General Terms and Conditions, you be able to surf the web at 256kbps. You can easily use your wifi-compatible laptop, mobile phone, PDA, or tablet. (P2P downloads, IP telephony, and video conferencing are not permitted with this service.)


For more information and to see a station map:


If your business needs demand more reliability and bandwidth, EAS offers portable, secured hotspot modems granting you wireless Internet access anywhere in Spain. You can even share the connection!


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