Brits are most media savvy

The UK has fought off challenges from Germany and France to be named the most digitally aware nation in Europe. The British own more smartphones and digital video recorders, watch more television over the internet, and spend more time online than any other nation in Europe. This information comes courtesy of a report by Ofcom, which claims that people in the UK spend more than 12 hours a week online – more than any other major economy except the USA.


Smartphone penetration is higher in the UK than in any other country in Europe at 46 percent of all mobile subscribers, a figure even higher than in the US – Spain comes a close second place with 45 percent penetration. The report also reveals that the UK has the world’s highest penetration of digital TV, which is present in a staggering 97 percent of households. And when it comes to the amount of time watching television online the Brits come out on top yet again with 27 percent watching programmes via the internet each week. In the US only 23 percent tune in online weekly to catch their favourite programmes.


Both the Brits and the French come out as internet shopaholics according to the report, with both spending 84 and 83 minutes respectively browsing through retail websites.  But while the French may be busy windowshopping it’s the Brits who come out on top yet again when it comes to purchasing things online. An incredible 79 percent ordered goods via the internet in 2010, while more than 10 percent had visited an auction site such as Ebay on their smartphone.


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