Business Travel With Family Members

Business trips are about business. And while it may great to have your spouse go along for company and support, there is a cost – work obligations, exhaustion, and the guilt of leaving your loved one with nothing to do; certainly is not a vacation for either of you.


The important thing here is to focus on what these trips are (opportunities to experience a new city and culture) and what they are not (relaxing vacations). Here are some tips:


  • Being in charge of their own entertainment. It is always amazing to share travel experiences with your significant other but if you are tied up in meetings, conferences, and networking events, that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun on their own. You can always hear about their exciting stories over dinner.
  • No invitation? No problem! Sometimes business events do not allow spouses; other times, it is simply inappropriate. They can make other plans – go see a show or go out to dinner, which would definitely be better than sitting around listening about your work.
  • Touring the city how they want. Traveling with a partner requires input on both sides – which restaurants to eat at, which sights to see, etc. If you’re too busy to break away from work, they can still explore the local surroundings. And do it on their own terms! This lets them do exactly what they want to do, when they want to.
  • Schedule a date night. Find time in your busy schedule so that you can go see a show, explore the city, or have a romantic dinner with them. When you finally do get a chance to relax and catch your breath, you can share in their adventures and spend some quality time together.


Not only does EAS offer you the best in executive accommodations and event venues, we also cater to partners who come along for the ride. Whatever they are looking for, we can help!


  • Wine-tastings and workshops with live jazz while cruising along the Barcelona coast
  • Spa resorts to pamper all their senses
  • Tours (local neighborhoods, city discovery, Gaudí and modernism)
  • Excursions to Montjuic, Monserrat, Girona, and Figueres – home of the Dalí Museum
  • Food and cooking workshops
  • Ski resorts in the Pyrenees (one of the best places in Europe)
  • Adventures: parasailing, helicopter rides, balloon tours, horseback riding
  • Nightlife!


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