International Retail Property Market 2015 | Nov 19

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Nov 19 - 21 2015

International Retail Property Market

This Annual International Retail Property Market conference is a key meeting point for retailers looking for partners, and for property developers and owners who are looking for retailers to enhance their sites. It delivers 3 days of tailored meetings, expert-led conferences and a premium exhibition for industry leaders, targeting all types of retail property: city centre stores, out-of-town shopping centres and factory outlets.

In short, if you are involved in the retail property market, you need to be there. We can plan your whole trip for you, including first-class accommodation in the centre of Cannes, expert event planning and all the administrative assistance you need. We have a fantastic selection of hotels and apartments in this glamorous location and will of course ensure that any special requirements you have are satisfied. Whatever your budget for this conference, we can work with you to ensure it covers all your needs.


Good quality accommodation in a prime city centre location is crucial if you want to make the most of your event experience. Whether you are a solo operator who will be travelling alone or a representative of an international organisation arriving at the same time as a large contingent from offices across the globe, we can ensure that all your accommodation needs are met.

We have close relationships with the owners of many of the best luxury hotels in Cannes and can normally book suites and rooms at short notice, in establishments that are within easy reach of the beach, the Palais de Festivals and all local amenities. If you have any special requests, such as a heated outdoor seawater pool or an opulent bar and reception that you can use to meet and greet business acquaintances, just let us know and we will book you into an appropriate hotel.



Additional services include but are not limited to
Bespoke Concierge Services
Stand Hostess Services
Executive Car Hire
Taxi Services
VIP & Upgrade Programmes


If you value your privacy or you would like to find accommodation where a large group can stay in close proximity to each other for a reasonable price, we have a great selection of first class apartment rentals in Cannes that will meet all your requirements. Whichever property we book on your behalf, you can expect to be in a city centre location that is close to all the action and your accommodation will of course be maintained to the highest standard and feature all modern conveniences.

Having a home from home during the congress can make it easier for you to relax and organise your thoughts every evening, thereby ensuring that you are able to make the most of the conference, meetings and exhibition. If you enjoy the convenience of a hotel but would appreciate the extra privacy that an apartment offers, we can book a serviced property that is perfect for your needs.



Additional services include but are not limited to
Breakfast Delivery Service
Administration Assistance
Stand Hostess Services
Executive Car Hire
Linen Service
Grocery Delivery Service

Event Management

Hosting a private function during your trip is an excellent way to ensure that you make a lasting impression and with the help of our event management team, you will not have to worry about a thing. We can take care of all the details, from finding and booking a suitable venue, hiring catering staff and preparing a guest list, to organising live entertainment and any transportation that may be required.

Our team has a great deal of experience of handing marketing projects of all sizes at international conferences such as this one and will put their expertise to good use to ensure that your function is a complete success. An in-depth knowledge of Cannes means that our event planning team is ideally placed to organise functions both large and small, and can utilise local contacts to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day.

Our team can also design, build and host your company’s stand at the exhibition should you desire. By taking advantage of our local talent, you can maintain a presence at this year’s event on a smaller budget than if you were to import all the necessary manpower and materials from overseas.



Additional services include but are not limited to
Transportation & Shipping
Booth Design & Stand Construction
Furnishings & Installations
Permissions & Licenses
Catering, Bar Hire & Entertainment Artistes
Printing, Invitation & Brochure Design
Corporate Gifts
Personalised / Branded Goods & Emboss Services
Plant hiring

Special Services

We will provide a comprehensive range of services to support you at the International Retail Property Market and we are always happy to fulfill any special requests that you may have. If you want us to arrange executive car hire for your stay in Cannes, just let us know. If you are planning to host a party on a boat and would like us to find a suitable yacht hire package, we will be happy to oblige. Other services we can provide include administration assistance from highly skilled and dedicated professionals, guided tours of the local area and medical assistance, should it be required.



Additional services include but are not limited to
24/7 Bespoke Concierge Services
Events for Spouses & Partners
Limousine Service
Private Jet Hire
Luxury Yacht Hire
Medical Assistance / Planning