World Music Market 2016 | Jun 3

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Jun 3 - 6 2016

World Music Market

The World Music Market event is the place where music makers, manufacturers of cutting-edge technologies, top brands and industry talents come together under one roof to source, sell and sign new music, digital solutions and innovative ideas.

Today, the music industry is at the tipping-point of a new era of growth. Recognising this, next year’s programme focused on the theme “Get back to Growth? Make it Sustainable! “, and offered participants essential knowledge and tools to successfully accompany their businesses into this new age. We expect the 2015 renewal to be just as informative and evolutionary so make sure that you are there.

Cannes is replete with high quality hotels and apartments but finding suitable accommodation during major events such as this can be something of a challenge without the right contacts. We have the necessary contacts and can make sure that you have the perfect place to stay.


We know just how important it is to find the right accommodation when attending the event and we have a great collection of luxury hotels in Cannes from which to choose. If you need to be in a city centre location and you would like to stay somewhere with a bar and reception suitable for entertaining guests, we can make reservations for you in hotels that are sure to meet with your approval.

Access to the beach and a good-sized pool are essential for some travellers, even when on business, and we can find the perfect suites for you if you require these amenities.



Additional services include but are not limited to
Bespoke Concierge Services
Stand Hostess Services
Executive Car Hire
Taxi Services
VIP & Upgrade Programmes


We can arrange self-catering or serviced apartment rentals in Cannes for the duration of the exhibition and conference. As you would expect, all properties are decorated and maintained to a very high standard and each one is conveniently situated in an impressive city centre location.

Whilst hotel rooms can be the best option for short-term stays, many of our clients are looking for more private accommodation and our first class apartments offer the perfect solution. To ensure that you are able to settle in as quickly as possible, a member of our team will show you around your apartment when you arrive.



Additional services include but are not limited to
Breakfast Delivery Service
Administration Assistance
Stand Hostess Services
Executive Car Hire
Linen Service
Grocery Delivery Service

Event Management

Here at EAS, we have a great deal of expertise in organising marketing functions and other industry conferences in Cannes. It is possible to make many new contacts by attending industry exhibitions but only by holding your own function will you truly make a lasting impression on your target audience.

Working in tandem with our highly effective event management team, you can arrange a function that presents your company in a very favourable light and take full advantage of the promotional opportunities afforded by your trip. In addition to organising your private projects, our event planning team can design and build your corporate booth for the exhibition.



Additional services include but are not limited to
Transportation & Shipping
Booth Design & Stand Construction
Furnishings & Installations
Permissions & Licenses
Catering, Bar Hire & Entertainment Artistes
Printing, Invitation & Brochure Design
Corporate Gifts
Personalised / Branded Goods & Emboss Services
Plant hiring

Special Services

Travelling on business can be a stressful experience but our special services will help to ensure that you feel relaxed and in control throughout your time at the event. On your arrival in Cannes, we can arrange an executive car hire so you are free to travel wherever you wish and if you are not sure of your way around the city, we can organise private tours too.

Everything from yacht hire to administration assistance can be taken care of by our team and medical assistance will of course be provided if you should need it at any time during your trip.



Additional services include but are not limited to
24/7 Bespoke Concierge Services
Events for Spouses & Partners
Limousine Service
Private Jet Hire
Luxury Yacht Hire
Medical Assistance / Planning