First Tizen Smartphone by Samsung – Coming Soon

If you wish to get the latest highlights of technology and its outcome, then Mobile World Congress is at your service. Mobile World Congress, also known as GSMA, has all latest news for all those, who are looking forward to learn about the 1st Tizen smartphone.

Android and Samsung products

Samsung is on the top of the mobile industry because of its releasing smartphones with Android operating system in them.  It is widely controlling the global markets by contributing its shares in billions.  Although, it is profitable yet the dependence of Samsung on Android is increasing and, hence, it might have to face troubles because of this in the future.

The brand new OS Tizen

Tizen is a new Linux based Operating System that is going to be used by Intel as well as Samsung.  As Tizen has now emerged, it has been predicted that it will be incorporated into everything, whether it is about smart watches, automobiles, and just about anything else in which an OS will be needed.  This OS is finally about to reach its commercial debut.

The Korea Herald has reported that the Samsung is going to launch its first ever smartphone with Tizen.  Instead of bringing out those smartphones that everyone is expecting, Samsung is going to bring something new and innovative. This is going to shift its dependency on Android, which surely will be a great move.

The new device is a smart camera, which is called NX300M and was launched in South Korea back in October. This was the news confirmed by Vice President of Samsung in the summit of the first Tizen developers.

Get ready for the new Tizen smartphone

Now you would be thinking that when the first ever Tizen smartphone will be launched.  There is great news for all those, who are anxiously waiting for this smartphone to come out. Guess what, it will be launched in the first month of the coming year, yes the year 2014. Japanese carrier NTT Docomo will be first operators, who will carry the Tizen smartphones.  There are good chances that the first Tizen smartphone will be seen at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Thus, if you wish to be the first one to spot the smartphone and learn about its features then ensure your presence there at the congress.

That’s not all, as Samsung is also planning to release a TV with Tizen operating system. Samsung and Intel will be the ones first to incorporate this OS in their products.

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