HTC M8 to debut at MWC 2014

Are you still using HTC one and obsessed with it? Well, then you might not know about the brand new HTC is going to come out in the markets soon. Yes, it is time to move on and get your hands on HTC M8, which is going to be the new HTC One 2.


HTC M8 A.K.A HTC one 2


One of the best things about the mobile phone companies is that once they reveal that they are launching any smartphone, they leave a blank canvas and we all play over it with the art of rumors, and design our very own product. That’s merely because people are interested in learning what is coming next and they start talking so much about them that they end up in spreading rumors. HTC One is the device that was yesterday’s news but it is going to be the future outlook. HTC has amazed all its fans with launching the best ever smartphone offering the best ever experience.


This week, it has been predicted what is going to be HTC M8 look like. What are going to be the specs and features of the phone? We all surely are excited to learn about it.


M8’s outlook

Let’s start with outlook of the phone. The images that have been leaked show that this HTC will be a little thinner than the version that is already available. At the rear, there is going to be a finger print senor. The camera is expected to be better and it is also expected that the Ultrapixlel camera technology is going to be used in this version of the phone too.


However, the language and design for HTC M8 will be the same as of HTC One. HTC One surely was one of the most stunning handsets in the history but its new and updated version will be the best.


More specs

Another rumor is here that the smartphone will contain a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB RAM, and last but not the least, Android 4.4x KitKat.  The HD screen of the phone will be 5.2-inches wide and HTC Sense 6.0 will work on the latest Android OS.

There is no news about the price and release date of the phone but Mobile World Congress has still revealed some of the significant specs of the smartphone. It is expected that this phone is going to make its first appearance at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona. We all know that HTC One stole the show at MWC 2013. People are expecting the same from HTC M8 and thus, most of them are interested in attending upcoming Mobile World Congress to know more about technology and smartphones.

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