IPhone, IPad will now have Google Now Service

Google has launched its much-anticipated Google Now service for Apple’s IOS, such as iphone and IPad. With this service, the users can access their personal assistant features offered by the platform, such as weather, traffic conditions as well as their favorite stocks.

Google Now, a real time discovery engine that is constantly flourishing since its release for Android, can be accessed by swiping upwards from the bottom of the application’s homepage.  The iPhone and IPad users can get the Google Search update with Now through iTunes App Store for free.

The Google Now will collect information about its users through their activities and their history in other Google services. The users can edit their home, work and current location, track their favorite stock and get live score updates of their favorite sports team. The service will also alert users to heavy traffic conditions and suggest an alternate to travel.

Though these features can be accessed online comfortably, Google Now was keen to collect all the information user need at a single place. Another idea of Google behind the enclosure of additional features is to encourage the users to look beyond their current homepages, which are generally linked to their email addresses.

With the subscription of Now Service on iPhone and iPad, the iconic Google home page will shine with different sized cards under the search box. The top of screen will contain the traditional Google logo placed on a twinkling light-green background. The Smartphone becomes smarter and smoother when Google Now teams up with the voice search.

While many of Google Now’s features have been passed over to IPhone and IPad, the update reportedly does not contain the components like gesture control and third party integration features.

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