Jolla released first Sailfish-based Smartphone

Jolla, a company founded by ex-Nokia employees, has displayed the first look of its maiden Smartphone, which has a custom operating system – Sailfish.

The much-anticipated Jolla phone will be available for sale by the end of this year.

Sailfish has been developed from remains of MeeGo, a project that Nokia had abandoned a couple of years ago to adopt Windows Phone for its handsets.

The launch of Jolla phone came days after the appointment of company’s new CEO – Tomi Pienimäki – whose brother Sami was one of the founders of Jolla Company.

Powered by a dual-core processor, Jolla phone has a 4.5 inch touch-screen display, 8 megapixel camera and a replaceable battery. Its integrated storage is 16GB but using an SB card, it can be expanded.

Jolla phone also supports 4G, and the applications developed for Android are compatible to it. There are no navigation keys in the device and the user interface is controlled just with swipes and gestures.

In addition to the other classical features of a handset, another stunning feature of Jolla phone is that its coloured back is interchangeable and the interface changes depending on the type of cover you select.

Several employees of Nokia’s team, which was working on a joint Nokia-IBM project to make a new mobile operating system – MeeGo – to counter Android and Apple’s iOS, had left Finnish phone maker in 2011 to make their own company and carry on development work on the MeeGo project.

The pre-order Jolla phone is only available to buyers in United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Italy and France, priced at €399 (£337). It is expected to be shipped by the fourth quarter of this year.

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