Mobile technology to end traffic jams

It might not be long before we see the end of traffic jams as carmakers push forward plans to use mobile technology in their pursuit to solve the world’s traffic problems.

Just last month at the Mobile World Congress, Ford Motor Company outlined its ambitions to ease traffic congestion by adapting cars to new technology, which would see them connected to wireless operators. Bill Ford, the head of the American firm, revealed he was looking to set up a mobile network that would automatically provide customers with the best routes to avoid congestion. This would be a system, he said, that “uses real-time data to optimise personal mobility on a massive scale.”

The car company wants to create vehicles with the ability to talk to each other in the hope of preventing accidents in addition to being able to reroute drivers down empty streets. Ford is not alone in its quest to equip their cars with wireless capabilities with General Motors revealing last October that it had already started developing the technology. According to Machina Research we can expect most new cars to come fitted with some form of wireless technology by 2020.

At present there are already apps available that can help drivers avoid irritating traffic jams. Apps such as Waze set up communications between drivers who post pictures and updates about crowded areas. Using the GPS features built into most smartphones Waze is able to map out crowded areas. And then there is Signal Guru by Princeton, which tells drivers how fast to go to make red lights and gives them suggestions about alternative routes through information gathered from smartphones mounted on car dashboards. Although not yet available for commercial purposes, it is likely that this form of harnessing information through smartphones is the technology carmakers will use to move forward with their plans.

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