Nokia’s new 8-inch tablet device at MWC

If you always keep an eye on Mobile World Congress to get all the details about the mobile manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content from all over the world then you must be such an individual, who surely is a techno savvy.

Rumors about Nokia’s tablet device

You might have heard of the rumor that the new Nokia tablet device is going to be launched at Mobile World Congress.

Well this is not the only rumor, as there are many other rumors about this device. It is said that that the company is working on its 8-inch tablet device, which is going to follow the brand new Nokia Lumia 2520 with Windows RT.  There is another rumor, which says that the 8-inch tablet has a name and it’s called Lumia 2020 and will be revealed at the MWC.

The Nokia Power User has reported that the 8-inch 2020 will be running on the snapdragon 800. It is going to have a resolution of 1080 pixels. There is more, it is going to be faster and will be having a higher PPI display than 2520. The best thing is that it will come with a stylus support.

Catch the first glimpse of the device at MWC

Are you excited to see it? Excited to learn more about it? Why won’t people rush to MWC in order to catch the first glimpse of the tablet, when the rumors are just so tempting? From the same source, it also revealed that Nokia is working on creating a new smartphone. It will be called Lumia 1820, which is going to have a metal body and a camera with lytro style. It is claimed that both these products are going to be unleashed at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, Spain at the end of February.The only way to find it out is to be present at the MWC 2014. You might get to see more surprises because MWC has not let anyone down yet.

Nokia is not done with the tablet and the smartphone. It is still working on developing new hardware products even though it has announced that its division and services will be sold to Microsoft. That’s not the matter of concern for the consumers because all what they want is best products. That deal is still pending because the governments of US and Europe have not given approval yet. It is expected that in the middle of March 2014, this deal will be closed.  So, all you got to do is to catch the glimpse of this brand new tablet.

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