Phonebloks, a modular smartphone

It’s a throw-away society we live in; products do not stay for long here, and are not easily made flexible for changes. Smartphones are a case in point, every user of smartphone changes their handset is on average every two years. And when this happens, the whole thing is trashed intact and replaced with another, slightly better, fast model. The Phonebloks concept, Dave Hakkens is planning to change this short term way of thinking about these gadgets.

Dutch designer Hakkens proposed the concept of Phonebloks, this is designed to run a counter on the current trend of smartphone manufacturers. Currently, the average consumer buys a phone, and uses it until it entirely breaks or is replaced by a newer model. After this, they either sell it, trade it with another or simply trash it to buy a better model or brand. Phonebloks is trying to change this approach. Phonebloks, which is expected to be a Smartphone is argued to be made up of modular elements.

This actually means that the Phonebloks handset will have a display panel of your choice. A battery pack of your own choice, a memory module with your own taste and choosing, and all rest of the components will be selected by you as well. This is going to be like a customized smartphone . These modules will be called bloks. These bloks will be connected to its mother or universal base which will effectively separate and combine the bloks together. Thesbloks will be connected to the base via pins, and an additional two screws to hold everything in place.

If an individual component breaks down, it can be replaced without changing the whole handset. Similarly, if you wish to upgrade an individual component, per say your Camera or Ram, you can do it easily by replacing a blok. Blokestore has been proposed by Hakkens to find similar bloks to suit your needs.

Phonebloks is just a concept and it needs a push from the consumers of the Smartphones all over the world, Hakkens (the one who coined this concept) has introduced this idea of phonebloks, but the fact remains that the consumer demand may not be fulfilled by this unique idea which is a big hurdle in making this concept a reality.

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