Pressy! A new button for Android Phones?

Yes, a new button called Pressy has been introduced by Nimrod Back and his team. Although touch screens have no doubt taken place of actual keypads, the importance of having buttons cannot be forgotten.   This is why this team came up with a unique idea of having an extra button called “Pressy”. This “Pressy” button plugs into your headphone port and it can give you all sorts of application access and many quick access functions.

Pressy offers its users a unique set of applications to access easily by just pressing it. This button is really cool, but to work efficiently it needs applications behind it, because this button enables the Users of the phone to perform different kind of events by just pressing it, like turning on the photo, turning the camera on and taking picturs instantly, texting a message, or updating your facebook status. “Pressy” gives you the ability to do all that, all the users have to do is just specify the number of presses for each action. Users can come up with different combinations and the Pressy will do everything the user wants. Like a simple small press will tell Pressy to call your best friend, one long press may turn on the flashlight.

This Application basically works in the background and keeps an eye on the Headphone Jack, this enables Pressy to catch the event of pressing whenever the user does it. It is the unique functionality of the Pressy because its main objective is to bring quick access to the user without getting into a rush searching apps in the long list of apps.

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