Production of Flexible OLED Phone Display, announced by LG

On 7th October, LG has announced that it is about to begin mass production of flexible OLED display panels for smartphones, LG has said that this OLED display technology is making use of plastic substrates and it is not using the commonly used glass, LG is claiming that a protective film on the back of the display makes the display case “unbreakable”, and as well as bendable.

LG claims that the new technology used has made the display very thin, approximately to 0.44mm and lighter than any other showcase panel for smart phones in the industry competition, this new flexible OLED panel by LG weights about 7.2g. LG has described the display as “vertically concave” as it has a curve, when extended, will define and make a circle with a radius of 70cm which is 28 in.

During the announcement, LG also said that specific products will be launched soon, but the company is expecting the market to grow very quickly, and extending into tablets, a new trend of wearable computers and automotive displays. LG argued that this latest move will hopefully give them a head start into the market. This announcement follows LG’s unveiling of 55 in curved OLED television, which was announced earlier in this year.


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