Samsung to launch faster Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Electronics giant Samsung has announced its plans to launch an enhanced version of its epic Galaxy S4 Smartphone that will transmit data almost twice of the normal speed.

The CEO of a South Korean company J.K. Shin, while speaking to Reuters on Monday, said the phone will be available for sale in South Korea by the end of this month.

The new S4 will be a bit more expensive than the current one, said Shin, adding the company is in talks with a number of carriers to introduce the device into the other countries.

The as-yet unnamed Smartphone will use LTE-Advanced 4G technology, an upgrade from conventional 4G called Long Term Evolution or LTE, to offer speed of up to two times that of the existing LTE device. The Qualcomm chips used in the latest flagship device will be compatible to the upgraded networks.

Thanks to LTE-Advanced, a movie which currently takes three minutes to download, will take a little more than one minute, said Samsung.

Samsung released a string of variations of smash-hit Galaxy S4 including Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom following its global launch in April this year.

The original S4, an Android-powered device with the 5-inch full HD Super AMOLED display and a dual camera function, has surpassed all of its predecessors to reach 10 million sales in less than a month, which made it the most successful handset ever launched by the company.

Samsung, who emerged as the leader of the Smartphone market last year by selling over 400 million phones, will unveil its new Galaxy devices at an event in London on June 20.

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