Smartphone applications help you save 22 days of your time a year: Study

Smartphone apps help the users to save 88 minutes of their time in a day or as much as 22 days’ worth of free time per year, a latest study has found.

The study was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Click Software and was based on the responses of 2,120 U.S adult Smartphone users.

The report states that 97% of Smartphone users access at least one application frequently on their handset every day.  On average, a user saves 88 minutes of his/her time in a day by accessing the apps from their Smartphone and thereby saves 22 days of free time a year.

According to a recent report published by BusinessNewsDaily, email apps are the most frequently used apps on the Smartphone, pursed by text and social networking applications. The other commonly used apps are games, maps, weather, calendar functions and GPS.

Though email apps dominate the overall usage of Smartphone applications, people believe that they save more time using text apps than any other kind of applications. The text apps save 53 minutes a day compared with 35 minutes a day for email applications.

The Smartphone users confessed that apart from personal use, they use their device for work as well. One in five users of GPS and email apps said they use these applications primarily for work, while one in three said they use the abovementioned apps for personal and office purposes equally.

Researchers found that despite spending too much time on the Smartphones, the majority of the users don’t think that they are getting much out of them, because they are not able to utilize their devices properly.

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