Smartphone manufacturer Jolla named new CEO

Start-up Smartphone manufacturer – Jolla – has appointed Tomi Pienimäki as the company’s new CEO ahead of the launch of its maiden product.

Jolla will succeed Marc Dillon, who served as the company’s CEO for approximately seven months. Dillon will now focus his energies on the development of the Sailfish operating system as head of software development.

Dillon played a vital role in promoting the platform during his term as Jolla’s CEO.  While attending the  Mobile World Congress, he presented the Sailfish OS as an alternative to the rivals such as iOS and Android.

The newly-appointed Pienimäki, who joined the company from Nordic logistics company Itella, said his task is to listen very closely to the company’s clients and promote collaboration. His record shows that he has  vast experience  in logistics, management, supply chains and driving growth.

Pienimäki is Jolla’s third CEO, in company’s short-life. Jussi Hurmola filled the role when the company first attracted the limelight last year. Hurmola was later appointed to concentrate on “Sailfish strategy.”

The change of head is largely seen as a reflection of the certainty of Jolla, which was founded by ex-Nokia employees including Pienimäki’s brother Sami.  The team was willing to carry on development work the Finnish phone maker had done on the  MeeGo OS project;, from being a start-up to the product delivery stage, a point where the management role turns out to be more like that of an established corporation.

Jolla will release its maiden device in the second week of May. A pre-sales campaign is likely to begin soon after while the actual sales start will take place during the second half of this year.

Beside Jolla, several other companies are also working on the new operating system for Smartphones. Samsung Electronics and Intel are adapting Tizen camp for their maiden phone, expected to be released later this year while Mozilla is working on Firefox OS.

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