Snooperscope:Night Vision for Smartphones

Snooperscope is a new product which is targeting to bring night vision technology to the Smartphones and Tablets. It will not be the first time when the night vision for smartphones are introduced. We have seen in the past that USNV Night Vision adapter was also launched to achieve the same as Snooperscope is targeting. But what makes this scope elegant than the previous product is its size and the protibility with which it affixes itself to the device. Snooperscope uses magnets to grip itself to the back of the phones, and devices and can easily be removed.

It also comes with a plus along with the magnets, Snooperscope has screw ports on the bottom of it, this allows it to mount over tripod, this tripod can be kept on dashboard of the car, on window, or in other places. This functionality has been added to Snooperscope so that it can be used remotely, in a particular range as this device uses wifi signals to connect to the device. This device develops its own private network  and then an app on the device is used to access it and see what the camera is monitoring.

The app also allows the users to snap photos and record videos. Snooperscope uses infrared light, this light is then converted to image which is visible users.  As it uses IR light so the users are not able to see the light generated by this device, which keeps the device in somewhat like a stealth condition.

PSY Corporation is seeking funding for the Snooperscope on Kickstarter. It has already exceeded its £40,000 goal. Buyers interested in preordering a device can do so for a minimum pledge of £43 (US$70) while the rewards at that tier last. From there, the funding requirement jumps to its final retail price which is £60 ($98). The company expects to deliver the night vision scope in March.

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