Sony unveiled giant waterproof Xperia Z Ultra Smartphone

Japanese Electronics giants Sony have launched a waterproof Android Smartphone – Xperia Z Ultra – with a 6.4in screen (16.3cm), describing it as  the ‘slimmest large-screened handset on the market’.

The new device is 6.5mm thick – slightly deeper than the thinnest device on the market, Ascend P6, launched recently by the Chinese telecom-network equipment giants Huawei.

Like original Xperia Z, which was unveiled in January, the enhanced version is also equipped with stunning features, one of which is that in addition to an optional stylus, it also accepts notes or sketches written using metal-tipped pen or a standard pencil.

Xperia Z ultra comes up with a 1080p resolution screen with in-built software to upgrade lower definition photos and videos. It has an 8 megapixel rear camera, and a powerful battery that offers up to 11 hours talk time. The 16 GB of internal storage of the device can be expanded to 64GB with the support of microSD cards.

The Ultra follow-up is highly water-resistant and can be submerged to a deeper limit – 1.5m (4.9ft) in freshwater for up to 30 minutes.

Xperia Z Ultra will be available for sale in Singapore and China sometime in July-August and in Europe from September.

Sony said it aspires to challenge Samsung’s supremacy of the jumbo-sized handset sector with its new flagship device.

The firm is not alone in seeking to grind down the lead of Korean Electronics giant. Several other players in the market have also jumped into the competition with their large-screened handsets. These devices include Huawei’s 6.1inch Ascend Mode, Acer’s 5.7inch Liquid S1; ZTE’s 5.7inch Grand Memo; Asus’ 6inch FonePad Note and Lenovo’s 5.5inch Ideaphone K900.

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