Spanish Healthcare For Foreigners

Thousands of business and medical professionals from all over the world come to Barcelona. In huge congresses and events, they bring together innovative ideas and technological advances that will change the world. But sometimes unexpected things happen and you or a colleague may find yourselves in need of medical attention. No worries. The public Spanish healthcare system has you covered.


Overall, in Spain, health conditions are excellent and its medical care is of high quality. There are well-equipped hospitals, diagnostic labs, and specialists in all fields of medicine available. Most medicines are widely available here as well, albeit known under different names. (As a general rule, you should always travel with your prescribed medication and its proper documentation.)


As a non-EU resident, you will be financially responsible for any medical service received so, if possible, it may be wise to get an estimate of the charges involved beforehand. Typically, private insurance and most travel insurance policies include medical coverage abroad. Make sure to check with your provider before traveling.


Under a reciprocal agreement between member governments, EU residents can take advantage of the free medical care system as long as they have their European Health Insurance Card before coming to Spain. Keep in mind that you may be required to pay up front since each country’s healthcare system is different.


For a list of medical services and providers as supplied by the US Consulate in Barcelona, click here.


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