The Danger Of Booking With Unlicensed Apartments


By now, the controversy between sharing economy platforms – most notably Airbnb – and Barcelona, as well as other major cities in Europe and the US, is well known. Hoteliers are complaining of unfair competition and are demanding that the market be regulated, especially if the non-compliant renter is not reporting earned income to the government.


In cases like these, unlicensed (and illegal) tourist apartments could cost renters up to 90,000 EUR in fines. A steep price to pay indeed!


But what would it cost you if you rented a non-licensed property during your business trip or vacation stay? Certainly, not the thousands of euros that the property owner would be charged… However, if your tourist accommodation were canceled for this reason, you could only hope to quickly find another place to stay (perhaps at the last moment), in a non-ideal location, and be burdened with all the hassle and inconvenience that would then ensue. Taking all of this into consideration, is it worth the risk?


At EAS, we say NO.


We are a fully licensed travel agency and event management company that is officially accredited by national and international travel organizations such as ACAV, IATA and ASTA. We ONLY offer apartments for rent from those who hold an active tourist license for their properties. 


Plan your business or leisure trip to Barcelona wisely. Plan it with EAS.


Trust EAS for the best in quality, licensed accommodations. We are your number one source for exclusive venues, event and marketing management, and other special concierge services. For further information, click here.