The GamePad: Smartphone game controller by SAMSUNG

Quite a few companies have released and rare releasing controllers designed to allow the users of the smartphones to have more traditional gaming experience over their own smartphones. Samsung has also jumped in the row of such companies to provide ease and much lively experience of gaming to the smartphone users. Samsung, being one of the most powerful creator of Android  is looking to launch the GamePad.

Samsung, being a company who produces phones itself, made a smart move by manufacturing GamePad not just for the Samsung users only but instead, Samsung has built this device with the support for any Android device running Jelly Bean 4.1 or later ones and with the screen sizes between 4 to 6.3 inches.

Now talking about the controller, this GamePad features 8-Way d-Pad, with two analog sticks, four auction buttons, with two triggers, along with the standard start and select buttons, introducing the a special play button. The two analog sticks are offset which gives it a design much similar to X-box.

The Play button is designed for users to quickly jump to Samsung’s Mobile Console app, where they can play and buy games that support the GamePad controller.

The GamePad is available now select in European markets, and Samsung plans to roll it out in additional regions in the coming weeks. Samsung didn’t announce exactly where else it would be launching nor did it release pricing information for the device.

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