The Global Property Market Perspective 2013-2014

If you are looking forward to get some insights about the global property market trends then you will be happy to learn that the future market outlook in 2014 seems to be encouraging.

Leasing vs. Investment

There will be a disconnection between the buoyant investment markets and other leasing markets for the coming 12 months. The degree will vary from market to market.  Take an example of the U.S real estate market. It will be moving to a better sync because the corporate confidence of the investors is improving.  Similarly, the leasing and investment markets in London also seem to be strong. However, if you look at the markets of Paris and Australia, here is a huge demand for cross border and domestic investors against the weak market fundamentals.  MIPIM 2014 says that disconnects are going to become narrow in the year 2014 because of the immense improvement in majority of the leasing markets.

Take a Look at the Capital Market Trends

The capital market prospects the commercial real estate investments favorable in the United States. The economic drivers are not the only reason behind this favorable trend but there are also some other drivers such as attractive interest rates, large debt financing facility, etc. along with their strong domestic and overseas demand.

The Asia Pacific is also strong in such transactional actions. The capital market here also received gains.  The future forecast is of 130 billion US dollars by the year 2014.

The market in Europe was also steady. The sales transaction volume in 2013 was 10 percent greater than that of the previous year.  As the markets in France, UK, and Germany are also experiencing an upward trend and thus, the market strength of Europe is continuing to rise. On the other hand, there are also smaller growths in the central and southern Europe.

Leasing Activities:

In the year 2014, subjecting to the macroeconomic stability, the global leasing activities will also going to improve. The business confidence will be improving, which means that more employment will be generated. The profits will be re-invested and people will start committing to long term real estate gains. There was slump in corporate activity and there had always been a rebound in the leasing volumes. But this problem is going to end because a substantial recovery has been predicted.

Over all, the capital marketing outlooks and the leasing marketing outlooks are showing a positive trend in the 4th quarter of 2013, which means 2014 is also going to be a prosperous year.

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