The Idea behind Windows Playbook with Nokia Devices

The CEO of Microsoft Corporation Steve Ballmer had decided to follow a software centric strategy for making investment in the Cloud Services. He had to spend decades on putting everything together for this project. The CEO had some plans of retirement but he did not confirm it yet. He has signed a hardware deal of 7.2 billion US dollars for buying Nokia Ovi recently.

Microsoft’s plan about entering the smartphone line

The company used to be dominant in the field of Personal Computing and Operating Systems. They preferred to focus on offering reliable hardware and software solutions to its users but now it is planning to step into a new product line that is of smartphones. The company is going to make low end handsets. Microsoft will have to face strong rivalry from firms like Apple Inc. and Google Inc. that are already available in the market as pioneer of this technology.

The CEO at Microsoft said that the company only had a few options to break from its past. There was a time when Microsoft was the exclusive producer of software but that time has long gone. Due to heavy competition, it is not possible for the company to survive with software development only. The company had no choice but to enter into the smartphone market.  Even after collaborating with Nokia, Microsoft has not managed to achieve much market share. It succeeded to get just 4% share in the market because there are competitors like Google Android and Apple iOS to compete with. That is why we all can see that the Windows Phones have not become as much popular as the Android and iOS phones are.

A step by Microsoft for its survival

In order to survive in the market, Microsoft will have to bring some changes and for this, it will have to take some chances. The company must not waste much time to make its way in the industry. It will have to move master it if wishes to survive. The best thing for the company would be to manufacture both hardware and software for its new smartphones.

If Microsoft had only focused on making software for its new smartphones, then it would never have been possible for it to influence the customers. That is why the Windows Phones that are available in the markets now have both software and hardware manufactured by Microsoft.

There are a significant number of products offered by Nokia and Microsoft, which are going to be launched at the Mobile World Congress. Make sure your availability at MWC 2014.

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