The Magic Fountain Of Montjuïc

Known as the Font Màgica in Catalan, the Magic fountain of Mountjuïc is a spectacular display of color, light, music, and water acrobatics. When all of these elements are mixed together just right, the result is pure magic!


The fountain was designed by Carles Buïgas for the 1929 Universal Exhibition in Barcelona. Critics not only believed it to be too ambitious a design but also that it could never be completed in time for the world event. But with over 3000 workers commissioned for the huge task, in less than 1 year, the project was completed and ready for its first performance on May 19, 1929.


Today, this amazing collection of waterfalls and ponds stretching from Palau Nacional to Plaça Espanya is a must-see attraction. Plus, it’s free!


An easy destination to get to, you can arrive at Plaça Espanya on either the green line (L3) or red line (L1) – see map.


Before you go, consult the Magic Fountain show time schedules here. It is closed each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


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