Three New OS Coming Soon In 2014

Technology has made us see plenty of wonders in the past few decades.  The world of mobile communication has also been transformed on a massive level.  The payment system has altered e-commerce and countless new ways of interaction have also been developed. There is a catalyst of change and innovation floating between the fields of mobile technology, which you can easily observe now.  Hence, we don’t communicate the way we used to a decade ago.

Looking at the mobile technologies and operating systems introduced until now, each technology is running neck to neck in competition with one another. Whether it is Android phones, Windows phones, or the Apple iOS phones, every smartphone has its own class and essence. People are thrilled to control technology with the touch of their hands and now, it is the time when they can expect anything.

Every other day new tablets, smartphones, and software can be seen in the headlines. People are excited to learn more about each of these mobile devices. If you are also one of them then you will want to hear what Mobile World Congress 2014 is going to talk about in the coming year.

A new trend is going to become the headline of the news in 2014. A new operating system is going to emerge to challenge iOS and most importantly, Android.  The mobile manufacturers are now launching FirefoxOS, Ubuntu Touch, and Tizen. This might make the users say goodbye to Android app downloading.  It is a promise that these new phones are going to become the new BUZZ word in the coming year. They are going to have new operating systems. Let’s see, which phones are going to hit the charts at Mobile World Congress 2014. Fingers crossed!

It is expected that Firefox OS and Tizen are going to be the least of the wallet friendly devices. Creating high-end phones means more market saturation and more features. This will definitely call for an exceeding budget.  Although, these two devices are going to be low-end yet when a high-end phone comes at a cheap price, it can be a good strategy to attract more customers. Google Nexus 4 has already taken this step.

The high end phones are going to get more powerful with time.  Such phones will also be available soon that will play the role of a hub in your life. An example of such phone is LG’s phone that can stream 4,000 videos on a TV.

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