Toulouse, Munich and Hamburg best for investment

Toulouse, Munich and Hamburg have been revealed as the most attractive places for buy-to-let investments in Europe according to a study carried out by German-based real estate agent Patrizia Immobilien AG. The study looked at 82 different cities across Europe taking into account their demographics and economic data such as population and economic growth, population density and unemployment and employment rates.


The results illustrated that the best places for high returns on investment were cities in north-west Europe including countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, with Toulouse, Munich and Hamburg claiming the top spots.


The researchers divided the cities into four groups depending on the level of their returns in investment and the risks involved. At the top of the list were the cities and capitals of north-west Europe where above-average incomes could be achieved with low risks. The second group was composed of cities that have a below-average risk and below-average income prospects. These included Italian cities in addition to a few cities in Greece and Spain. The third group was made up of most of the cities in the Iberian Peninsula and English regional markets as well as some Eastern European cities where investors could expect a below-average income at high risks. The final group contained cities from the Baltic States, Poland and most Eastern European capitals where the comparative high risk of investing could be compensated by high returns.


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