Travel Tips For Mobile Devices – PART 1 – Protection

Travel tips for mobile devices Known for its architecture and history, pleasant climate, and of course, extraordinary tapas, it’s no surprise that Barcelona is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Not only popular for leisure travel, this amazing Mediterranean city is huge for business conferences and trade shows as well.   But before you visit, here are a few important tips that will have you traveling smart.   Protect against theft of your data and your devices

  • Back up, back up, back up your information to a secure location!
  • It is good practice to leave important files at home and then access them remotely or through secure online data storage services like Google Drive or other cloud-based solutions. Alternatively, you can sync your devices with secure cloud storage sites like Dropbox or Box.
  • Keep track of your devices, especially in public areas and make sure they are locked when not in use. Don’t access websites with sensitive information when using public networks either. A good idea would be to install an app that help would help find your device in case it goes missing (for example, on the iPad, enable the “Find this iPad” feature).
  • Many passports and credit cards are equipped with RFID (radio frequency identification) chips. Anyone with a portable RFID card reader can steal your identity and personal information. Buy yourself an RFID blocking protector for your passport and store your credit cards in there while in busy areas.
  • Extreme temperature changes can affect your device with condensation inside or by decreasing the device’s battery life. Store it in a case.

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