Want music in Public? Split or switch to “Split”

Do you want to listen to the music in public but not to be obvious about it? Until someone finds out how to play music in your head, the next best thing would be to “split”. This new device called Split, is developed by Greenwing Audio in Miami Beach, Florida is a music player set in a pair of wireless, synchronized ear buds that are controlled by biting. The device is still under development.

An Mp3 player is very handy, its portable and convenient to use, but its biggest drawback is the headphone and its messy cord. People often have to change their headphones because of tangled and broken wires.  It is very typical for the cords to get caught on things.

After two good years of constant development, Split is aimed to eliminate the tangled cords connecting to players by eliminating both. At first, it seems like something a bit silly: A pair of ear buds with little oblongs sticking out of them, but inside a one-inch stainless steel casing is a tiny, 100-micron thick circuit board with a NOR Flash memory chip with a capacity from 64MB to 256MB, an ARM Cortex M3 32-bit processor, and a 3-axis accelerometer folded in on itself three times, a button cell battery, an ear bud speaker with a 6-mm Neodymium Dynamic Driver.

Now, how do two ear buds act like one music player? The answer to this according to the developers is that Split ear buds are synchronized. Unlike the normal Bluetooth headset, Split is using high-precision crystal clocks and a short near field radio signal to synch the ear buds when activating, or when the track or volume has changed.

As far as aesthetics go, Split is available in red, though pearl, purple, citrus (is that orange, yellow or green) but it will also be available in black if the product strikes. The current Kickstarter campaign which will be held by the end of this month is aimed at bringing the current design to production standard, including the completion of the USB design, finalizing the software, modifications to the casing, user testing, and development for mass production.

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