Women dominating property market in Australia

Women have a stronger grip over the Australian real estate market than their male peers, country’s recent Census figures have shown.

According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, women are leaving the opposite gender behind them in home ownership. It states that more than 61% women have their own home compared with 58% of males.

Though most of the professionals in real estate market are men but the positions they occupy lags them behind the women, who have penetrated in the industry with a faster pace in the recent years.

A recent survey of 25 leading Australian real estate firm CEOs and directors stated that the females have “greatest say in the choice of property”.

Most of the industry spearheads believe that both genders look the property at different perspective and when it comes to get a home to live in, women holds an edge over men as they look at more emotional, lifestyle side of things and there’s an emotional part of it that plays a vital role.

It was observed that weather it relates to location choice, type of home or pricing decisions, women usually have the final say.

The survey found that from selling perspective, the women are generally the lone decision makers and they rarely involve the male partners in their deals.

The survey report shows women leading men in assisting in the understanding of the financial security offered by property ownership.

The report also revealed that most of the women are leaving the people-oriented careers such as nursing and teaching to join the real estate industry.

The Census figures also showed that the women assist men in paying off the mortgage, with 48% of single female household doing so compared with of 31% single male households.

And when it comes to sole home ownership, the gap further widens with 65% of single female householders owning their home, compared with 55% of single male households.

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