Your hand will be your Smartphone in near future

Your hand will be your Smartphone soon. It sounds like a dream, but the day is not far away because the researchers in Japan are reportedly developing a world-shattering technology which will allow you to keep your mobile phone on the palm of your hand.

The Masatoshi Ishikawa and colleagues at the University of Tokyo, using a special camera that unites two rotational mirrors and high-speed vision, have discovered a way to project a display of the device on your palm, or any other surface, so one can remotely operate it at office or home.

According to Ishikawa, with this technology, the users won’t need to carry a Smartphone or depend upon computer or a keyboard to use the phone and they will be able make a calls without anything.

Ishikawa said the system will have the power to detect the movements of 3D objects every two milliseconds.

A report presented by ABC news says the program tracks the moving object with the help of high-speed vision, allowing users to walk with the image of their mobile phone on their palm.

The computer system beams ultrasonic wave emitters to create the reflection of the mobile phone on the palm and users have the sensation that the keyboard is pressing against their skin.

Ishikawa, who has developed a series of systems using high-speed vision technology, said the palm phone will be become a reality in next two to three years.

Ishikawa’s latest accomplishment was the launch of a high-speed robotic hand last year.

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